Live Chat

Live chat private

Real-time live chat

When you are using the Pro version, you can make use of the live chat functionality which lets you interact with your attendees. You can show or hide the live chat in realtime.

Public or private chat messages

Your attendees have access to a switch which lets them choose to send their message in public where everyone can see it, or send it in private which only you as a webinar host will receive and see within your message center.

Show timestamps

You can adjust the colors of the live chat box to your own design, and as a webinar host, you can also configure if you want the live chat to show times tamps or not.

No 3rd party software needed

The live chat is totally integrated in the WP WebinarSystem plugin, so we don’t need a third party software or script for it to work like you will see with many other webinar plugins.

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