Live Webinars

Example of working webinar environment for the webinar host (there is no audio with this graphic)



Webinar Sources

With WP WebinarSystem you can use different webinar sources for broadcasting your live webinar. Which source to use depends on your needs and technical skills. We have integrated WP WebinarSystem with Youtube Live, Hangouts on Air, Vimeo, Youtube, iframes, MP4 files and RTMP streams.

Share Your Webcam / Video

During your webinar you can broadcast your webcam video. Connect with your audience by showing your face and personality, your audience will love it (and you)!

Share Your Voice

What’s a webinar without audio? When broadcasting live through Google Hangouts, you can share the sound of your voice while you are sharing your webcam video or screen. Choose a built-in microphone or select an external one to share your voice (or other sounds you like to make) with the best quality you can offer.

Share Your Screen

When using Google Hangouts as a webinar source for your live webinar, you can share your screen with your attendees. Show them a website, your latest offer or a PowerPoint presentation or Keynote you have set up for the webinar.

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